Stepping onto a brand new path..

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” -Maya Angelou


Unfortunately I have not been able to blog in a very long time.  When it came time for me to go back to work (after being on my maternity leave) my world flipped upside down. No matter how many articles you read or conversations you have with people, nothing prepares you for the day you have to leave your baby with a stranger.  IT WAS HEARTBREAKING for me.  I knew I was never going to be fully prepared but I did have very high hopes that I would come to terms with it and be okay with leaving my son and having a working life. I could NOT have been more wrong.  For some, they can manage working and bringing their child/children to daycare.  I give them credit, I really do. I could see how women want something for themselves.  They want adult interaction, I GET IT.
That life just isn’t for me.  I have always cared too much and once again I care too much again.  I have decided that this new year will bring on a new adventure in my life. I will get to spend my days taking care of my son.  I am sure many people will judge (can you say MOMMY WAR TOPIC) while others will fully support it. EITHERWAY I have learned in life that I need to do what is right for myself and my family. At the end of the day I want to look back and be happy with what I chose not what other people choose for me.
It is hard to not get caught up in all the noise from other people but it is important to learn what matters most to you in life and just go for it!
So…needless to say I am very happy for Christmas time to come not only to spend time with family and friends but I get to begin my new adventure (and blog more of course 🙂 ).
The best time for new beginnings is NOW

Summer fell into Fall

Let me start off by saying I really, really don’t like the winter time. I know that sounds negative but I don’t like the cold weather, people tend to be grumpy, and outside seems to be gray and gloomy.
But!! There is something about the Fall… crisp air and new beginnings, the world around me just seems to be more exciting for some reason.
One of the best things are the fall clothes – boots, leggings, and scarves.
And did I mention the spiked Apple cider, pumpkin beer, pumpkin pie (what am I saying?! PUMPKIN EVERYTHING), warm cookies, and fires outside?!

For me, I try to look at it as a new start, it is a more significant time than New Years.  I feel like it’s the perfect time to set goals and be excited about them.  It is a great time to set workout goals, be more positive, be kinder, and just be more motivated throughout the day. What is that saying…”there’s just something in the air”? Well its TRUE.

Although the Winter is coming, enjoy this time of year.

Go for walks, it’s beautiful outside.


Get friends and family together, have a fire.  EAT SMORES.


Wear leggings, they are the BEST. Unless your a dude – maybe just wear your sweatpants.


BREATHE in the fresh air.  RELAX with family and friends.  LET GO of the negativity from earlier in the year.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”. – F. Scott Fitzgerald



Yes, this place is real and it exists in my home.

I seem to be always having those days when I just can’t get ahead.  I’m always running late, losing things, or just running around to get things done or get out of the house. Not to mention when you feel like you have just completely lost your mind, you can’t keep anything straight.  Your mind is either trying to remember a crazy schedule or it is just racing over upcoming events (good or bad).

During any or all of these times it’s important to remember to BREATH.

HA! This is a lot easier said then done.  I will never forget the morning when I had the dog and the baby (they needed to eat and the morning had been crazy) and my husband was heading out to work and he turns to me and said “This is Bananaland”. He thought this was funny, I didn’t so much after the crazy morning.  Well Bananaland became REALLY funny to me when I realized he had hurried out of the door so fast while laughing and forgot his laptop. I called him, he was already half way to work and I said something along the lines of “You forgot your laptop – this IS Bananaland”. Ohhhh I am not sure he thought that was funny. He came back though, got his laptop, and made it to his meeting.  Now and forever I’m sure we will call this place Bananaland.

What I realized though, is that sometimes things just get crazy and there is nothing you can do about it.  Sometimes you need to just get irritated, or out right mad but then just remember to laugh.  You HAVE to other wise you will lose your damn mind. Maybe at the end of the day pour yourself a glass of wine or have a beer – Cheers to Bananaland!


Don’t fall into the winter blues

We all know it is hard to get enough motivation to work out everyday, or at least a majority of the week.  I’ve learned it is even harder with a dog, a baby, or even better BOTH.

Exercise is so important though, studies have shown that it improves your mood and the way you feel about yourself.  On top of that it will help you to focus more at work and will keep you healthy! Exercise is even more important around this time of year (winter will be here before we know it) with the holidays, flu season, and lack of sun.

So how do you get enough motivation?  How do you do this with a dog, a baby or both?

Well below are a few tips on how to get your workout in!

Tip #1 Sit down and make yourself a weekly routine.  Schedule your routine for a time you know when you like to workout. Some people like to do it in the morning to help them wake up and focus throughout their day.  Others like it at night so that they feel more stretched out.  Either way, choose what works best for you – AND STICK TO IT. The first few days, maybe even a week or two, will be the hardest.  STOP BEING LAZY, don’t make excuses.  Stick to your workout and eventually it will become part of your routine and it will get easier.  Keep in mind some other obligations may get in the way.  If that is the case switch the time you workout that day or switch it with one of your “days off”.  However, get back to your schedule, it’s important!  Once you get a schedule/routine going I swear you will feel like a better person!

Tip #2 Make sure you give yourself something to look forward to in order to get your workout done. Maybe it is certain music you want to listen to, maybe it is a TV episode you want to watch, buying new workout clothes, or maybe it is a snack afterwards! No matter what it is if you make it fun/enjoyable you will be much more likely to get your workout in everyday.

Tip #3 Be realistic.  Keep your workouts simple, but focused.  Most people don’t have a lot of time to workout(I know I don’t). Pin point things you want to work on and stick to them.  Do what you can, if you over do your workouts or set a goal that is unrealistic you will end up giving up.

Now, my new favorite thing is trying to get my workout in with my dog and baby.  Make them a part of it if you have to. If you don’t do this you might not get your workout in or it will just stress you out. I now share my yoga mat with either my dog or baby. Oh the joys of my new workout routine!

IMG_5432 IMG_5327 IMG_5328

(Kisses for my little one, or nap time for my dog.)

(Yes, those are my knees on my flip flops. I don’t have enough room with my dog on my mat. Some may think this is ridiculous, but if my babies are happy and content SO AM I 🙂 )

*Time sensitive workout schedule*

Day 1 – Run 1 mile, 4 sets of 15 squats

Day 2 – Yoga (30 min)

Day 3 – Run 200 meters, 15 squats (with weight) – repeat 3 times

Day 4 – 50 push ups, planks (hold as long as you can, continue to build up time)

Day 5 – Off Day

Day 6 – Run 1/2 mile, 8 ball squats, 8 lunges – repeat 3 times

Day 7 – Yoga (30 min)

~Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.~

Is this happening..

…is exactly what I thought right before, during, and after the birth of my handsome little boy.

First, let me start by saying I did like being pregnant.  I had an easy pregnancy and all of the newness was so exciting.  Telling everyone the news alone was fun. Painting/decorating/furnishing the nursery, completing a registry, and knowing I was going to have my very own bundle of joy.. were some of the other wonderful aspects.

Then out of nowhere that fun disappeared, and let me add QUICKLY to that statement. I felt like a bowling ball, I couldn’t sit and eat whatever I wanted to anymore(there was NO room). 9 months of no alcohol is INSANE, by the end I could smell a beer from a mile away. Oh! And the food you can’t eat (all of my Summer favorites) Sushi, oysters, Ahi Tuna, grapenut custard ice cream….

I literally dreamed about the day I could have it all.

As the days dwindled I found out that my precious baby was not in the right position and I would have to have the dreaded c-section. If you are reading this and are pregnant or will eventually become pregnant, please DO NOT READ birth stories on the internet (I am a huge hypocrite for saying this, by the way). SERIOUSLY though, don’t read about this on the internet.

After learning I was going to have a c-section I of course read all about it. Let me remind you it doesn’t matter what any one writes, you will have your own experience. It won’t matter what you read or didn’t read.

 I was over being pregnant. I was looking at inevitably being cut open like a magic trick gone wrong (don’t get me wrong I’m not sure how I feel about destroying my lady parts either), and the “awful recovery”.

Well let me tell you it wasn’t fun being nervous before it, dealing with the surgery itself, or the recovery. However, like everyone says, you do forget (or at least get over it). I can honestly say I will do it again. I got to have a very handsome young man that is so healthy. I give everyone credit who has gone through labor – it’s hard – it’s not pretty – but it is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Some things that I learned and will pass along…

1.Stay active during your pregnancy – it helps you mentally and will help you recovery faster.


3.Focus on all of the joys – you won’t be pregnant too many times in this life and you will look back and miss little parts of it (Oh! those kicks :))

4.Try to eat healthy

5.After birth, as soon as you can, get out of the hospital bed – I swear it only will help you



8.Let Go


Do your best. Apprecitate each step. Forget the rest.

Don’t you just love when everything falls into place? It’s that invigorating feeling that you can’t believe that you have ever been in a bad mood, sad, or just not content.

Let’s be serious, this just doesn’t happen often. Throughout my twenties I have stumbled upon some of the best times and worst times of my life. Don’t get me wrong I would not want to go back to the middle school, high school, or college years. However, the struggles back then were different – they were insignificant.

20’s = highs and lows.

I married the love of my life early in my twenties and have had an amazing time with him so far. So many laughs, fights, drunken nights, lazy times, exciting times, crazy adventures – many, many memories that I will never forget.

I’ve switched jobs several times trying to find out what I am supposed to be doing 9-5 (I’m not sure anyone really ever figures this out, if you have, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME).

I’ve met new people who have become my best friends.

I have had massive anxiety attacks that made me panic and feel like I would never be myself again. I tried anxiety medicine and it made me sick, I couldn’t even focus on my work. Every day I had to tell myself to JUST LET GO, STOP WORRYING. I learned free floating anxiety is crippling. I went to a therapist, this didn’t work and I just kept rehashing the last anxiety attack (PLEASE TELL ME HOW THAT HELPS ANYONE).

I went on amazing vacations to try and clear my mind of all bad things. I turned to yoga and found peace, found my old self again. I stopped going to therapy and talking about what had already happened. I kept talking to friends, family, and most importantly my husband. I have learned many things about anxiety and worrying…

~Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum ~ Baz Luhrmann

Now I don’t turn to anxiety medicine, I don’t continue to think about all the struggles and bad things that happen in the world. I’m wasting my energy doing that.

I now have a beautiful family, the cutest dog, the best husband, and the most handsome little boy I have ever seen.

Am I saying I am in that stage where everything falls into place? Do I have that invigorating feeling? NO. I have new struggles. Sleep deprivation, trying to figure out how to be a good mom, a good wife, I am focused on our financial situation, I am trying to figure out how to return to work after being with my little man every day for 12 weeks, and most importantly STILL TRYING TO FIND MYSELF.

Welcome to Breathe.Relax.Let Go, where hopefully you can find peace in your life knowing you’re not the only one with struggles. Where you can read about fitness, new recipes, helpful/fun products, music, design, fashion, and anything else that I come across. Best of all you can read about my highs and lows and get a good laugh out of my struggles (whats that saying? Misery loves company? ITS TRUE 🙂 ).  Hopefully you can use these things to help you through any struggles you may have, you can let your mind wonder. As for tough times, you need to learn to BREATHE and learn nothing is permanent.

~The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be.~ anonymous